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Lesley Warrington The influences of a career in fashion, textiles and interior design can be seen in much of my work, but in recent years I have embraced a new artistic freedom in printmaking and mixed media art.

Having embarked on this stage of my journey, I am enjoying the spontaneity of mono printing, the disciplines of traditional printmaking using an etching press and the challenge to stretch the boundaries of screen printing to create more painterly images.

For me the print process is an ongoing joyous exploration and whilst I use collagraph, carborundum, dry point and screen print individually, I sometimes also combine and layer these methods with collage and photo transfer to create a totally unique piece which cannot be repeated.

Within this often lies the recurring theme of Time. Drawing inspiration from old letters and post cards, books and photographs, many of which find their way into my artwork, I hope to capture the transience of time and bring old life into new.

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